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Word Responds

John 1:1 expresses that from the beginning was the WORD. John 17:17 expresses that sanctification BE by truth, (for) thy word is truth. Notice Word is life, is quick, it is powerful and true. Lie cannot take residency with truth (Word). Word is bound to Word. Jeremiah shared that He hastens to perform His Word. 
If the Word that you are praying, meditating on, reading and living is not granting you with true response, check “your Word”. Ensure that your word is the Word. Word responds to Word. 

Helping Hands Reaching Out

Jailhouse Willing Workers

  Once a month ( every first Thursday) we visit the jail and take the gospel of Jesus Christ. We provide encouragement of the hope of Jesus Christ for the salvation of each individual that attends. We seek for the will of God to be in their lives. Many have given their lives to Christ and provided testimonies of all the things God is doing in their life.

Nursing Home

  Monthly, a great gift of ministry, prayer, is taken and given to the patients within Pruitt Health Nursing Home facility. Pruitt Health Nursing Home provides medical care to many different families all over the world. To go along with the medical care, we provide and impart a sense of hope to individuals, family, and staff by introducing them to the Almighty Healer, God. Through much prayer and encouragement, we are able to change the heart, mind, and lives of those whom we come in contact with. As a result of this great ministry, many patients have since been released and are living a normal, healthy, and changed lives.

TAP Center of Georgia

The TAP Center Of Georgia is division of Cutting Edge Epic Center International Inc. a non-profit organization  and is designed to support those in need by providing basic essential supplies and food in a ‘time of need.’  TAP is there when individuals have reached a point of having exhausted resources.  TAP gives a helping hand by providing food packages and startup kits; providing generous donations after natural disasters.  TAP provides opportunities for individuals to obtain volunteer hours.  TAP ensures proceeds and donations received serve in the building and resource development of the organization to ensure we meet the demands and needs for community and abroad.

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