Ministry Statement of Purpose

The Temple of Refuge E. P. C. of Albany, GA.

 Our goal is to reach humanity by reaching the whole man, build both economic and social wellbeing, and restore the breached places of our community.

 Our purpose is to spread the Gospel, bring good tidings unto the broken hearted, proclaim liberty to the downtrodden, and break every band held over the lives of mankind! It is our endeavor to guide men back to God, and also restore the human spirit back to God; through his son Jesus Christ. We seek to release the binds of those who find themselves under bondage of the enemy. We deal with issues such as: poor financial decisions, economic bondage, spiritual oppression, spiritual delusions, reaching forth to the mind, body, and soul of the man. 

 Our motive is to teach life skills and educate husbands and wives to build a better way of living for family. This is done through building stronger avenues economically, socially, and as whole, creating better opportunities to gain employment.

 Our objective is to bring spiritual insight and growth to the family and enrich the lives of the family in order to build better communities and healthy living in the home, workplace, and within the schools. We fully believe in biblical principle for the husband as well as the children. We must not only see to the family be spiritually awakened but also academically awakened.

 So, come join us as we make a difference in the lives of kingdom builders for the 21st century.


To be a repairer of the breach and a re-builder of the ruined places, transforming livesin our community and beyond. (Isaiah 58:12)


 Our mission is to transform a body of believers into the children of light through teaching biblical principles. To make disciples of Christ, who demonstrate dynamics of the King, living in a physical dimension but exercising power of the "Kingdom of God". To reshape the human mind, body and spirit to know the quality of their lives: spiritually, domestically, personally, socially, professionally, and economically. To instruct, train, equip and activate believers to demonstrate the Kingdom of God in their influence in the house of God and in their daily lives. To preach the uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ, that will save the lost. To prepare a people to be ready for the Lord's return.

Ministry Philosophy

 The focus of ministry is God, but the purpose is for men to serve in godliness. God's guide to ministry for man is the Bible, and the wisdom of man is deadly. The mission of the church is people; the whole man! The body of Christ and his church is corporate; never individual.


 A church that unfolds the Kingdom, that innovates, motivates, and concepts ideas in a generation of dehumanization of the human mind, and spirit. Our goal is to revert the human mind and spirit back to Kingdom principles in earth as it is in heaven.

Membership Profile

 The goal of our ministry is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, to fulfill the great commission; to teach obedience, precepts, and principles of the living word. To share a sense of responsibility for transforming and rebuilding our broken communities. Demonstrating a true commitment to Christ through daily prayers, weekly participation in church services and biblical giving with love, humility and joy!

Prophetic Decree

 It is purely a fact, that in order to be a part of this ministry, in full fellowship, one must understand: he or she cannot join in but they must be born into this church. The very moment an individual or family sincerely connects and commits to the Holy Ghost at T.O.R. and submit to the principles of truth being taught, restoration begins, destroying the negative past in which they once lived.