Who's Report Will You Believe?

I Shall Believe The Report Of The Lord!

No matter what kind of news or report you receive today, determine in your mind that you shall believe the report of the Lord!

Let’s be mindful today of a couple of things. Stop allowing other people’s problems to become your burden! Be careful how you allow people to drop their situation in your lap, expecting you to come up with the solution. Think more of yourself and what you deserve as a child of the King . Be blessed and in all things give thank to the only wise God, Jesus Christ from whom all blessing flow. 

Hold On

The winds and turbulence increase as the airplane inclines, yet

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Trust The Process

Often we blunder in life, missing the mark, or target that we are aiming for. This is usually due to our lack of belief in the plan and process God has established to get us to our planned victory.

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Let Us Pray Together, And Watch God Move!

Disclaimer: All messages submitted are solely prayer request for Bishop D. G. Taylor, Sr., Temple of Refuge Staff will not view anything said in these messages, as they are sent directly to the Bishop's inbox. So you may speak freely have faith and trust in God to reveal His Perfect Will for your life.

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