Men of Standards

ΑΒΩ Messianic Brotherhood

Georgia Men of Standard

To continue building comradery among the brethren by working together. To continue to build the character of the men we hold in confidence through Faith, Christian Ethics and Morals.  Our goal as a local brotherhood is to work as a conduit of our national brotherhood: Alpha-Beta Omega Brotherhood.  We are a group that advocates strong life styles for family.  Ones who strive to build better husbands, better sons, and better men!  Nevertheless, our goal as kingdom brethren is to align the family and church in a good standing relationship with God, community, workplace and members in particular.

Quo-Vadis - From which we come, where do we go from here?  The determination to seek the paths and to bridge the gap between present and future generations.  To determine where we are going, prospectively, in this kingdom era.