Women of Excellence

Georgia Women of Excellence 

The Women’s Ministry is an organized body of women empowered by the Holy Ghost to stand against the wiles of the enemy. The Women of the Temple of Refuge, EPC whom come from diverse backgrounds; battered and scarred, yet not broken. We believe that we are body of sisters that need each other to survive, lifters of our sisters’ head and prevailers of every devourer. We are overcomers and will not be moved by the adversities that are thrusted our way by the negativities of life. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.
We are women who are instrumental in the community; reaching lives through outreach, feeding the hungry, praying for the needs of the elderly, teaching the troubled youth in youth detention centers. We also provide words of life to those in bandage through the prison ministry. We are builders of the house of God by assisting with beautification of the God’s edifice through various church projects.
We strive to maintain the status of a virtuous Woman who rises early (Proverbs 31:15) and serves as a handmaiden; both in the home and in the church. We present ourselves to God as clay being molded as vessels full of power for his handy-work. We don’t look like where we’ve been, but the latter house shall be greater than our former.

As women we stand firm on the principal that everything works for our good… He’s intentional… He’s never failing (Romans 8:28). We are WOMEN ON THE MOVE!