Joshua Generation

Temple of Refuge Youth Ministry

The Temple of Refuge Youth Ministry is a ministry of peculiar elect young people integral in the
kingdom work. Isaiah 53:8 posed a question: who shall declare his generation? It is this Joshua
Generation under the tutorage of Moses that shall declare this gospel of the kingdom. Joshua has a
charge and we are answering the call-“Here I am. Send me ” (Isaiah 6:8). The Temple of Refuge
Youth Ministry is on the move to save the children by getting involved. From feeding the hungry, to
youth outreach, visiting the nursing homes, all night prayer every quarter, we are proactive
members in the community as well as the church. We teach, preach and believe the principles of
living holy and sanctified. We are a set apart people who seek the old path. We teach canning,
sewing, proper hygiene, the purpose and power of prayer and fasting. We preach the truth without
compromise. We believe everybody is somebody and are a part of this paradigm shift.
We provide a loving community that leads and supports youth on their journey and inspires
jovial services to God. We draw our youth by preparing them for lifelong excellency and share this
love of Christ to others. We are committed to love, guide, inspire and equip our youth to be faithful
stewards of Jesus Christ who can reach out to others. We encourage God-centered lives and prepare
our youth to impact their world for Christ- the kingdom suffers violence, but we are taking it by
force. We are a body of youthful individuals emblematic of Jesus Christ.