Apostle Darryl G. Taylor, Sr.

Apostle Darryl G. Taylor Sr., hails from the historical town of Eatonville, Florida, it was there that he was groomed and preserved for service of the Lord. He was tutored under great men and women of old, in pure Holiness. He sat under teachings of his spiritual mother Missionary Ruby McClain, who was strong in the faith and gave him guidance and instructions in the faith. Also, his former pastors: Bishop C. CLARK, Bishop J. Mims, and Bishop T. J. WIMS all of whom gave him life and instructions to eternal life.

In 1987 he relocated to Albany, Georgia. This is where the Lord had previously set a vision upon his head, the Lord spoke to Him telling him to "GO" to Albany, Ga. " There I will bless your seed both spiritually and naturally.” He then met the love of his life, Shepherd Mother V.W. Taylor, who he has been happily married to for over 30 years. He has three wonderful children who assist in ministry and are all filled with the Holy Ghost. He has also been blessed to become "papa" to five grandchildren. Spiritually, he has many Sons in Glory to which he is grooming and training for Kingdom building.

IMG_3133The Lord then instructed him that he was to lean and depend on him for all things, that he and he alone would take care of and provide for him. He did not take this covenant on without opposition, but he like Abraham, got up and sought for that city whose maker was God. Moving by faith, he was counted as righteous. On December 22, 1997, he was re-united in fellowship to the Ministry of Jesus Christ with the Apostle/ Prophet Dr. S. D. James (his spiritual father). He was consecrated as a Bishop in the S. D. James Evangelistic Association, Inc. and its Evangelistic Pentecostal Churches (Worldwide) on March 15, 1998 and on January 2, 1999 he was ordained as an Apostle.

Apostle Taylor presently pastors The Temple Of Refuge, EPC and it is a powerful "LIFE" ministry accompanied with the concept of refuge, where we meet the needs of the whole man body, soul and spirit. He has birthed many other ministries through evangelism. After all of this, he is still on the field and there are yet new ministries being planted for the Kingdom.

He presently serves on the Board of Bishops, the Board of Evangelism, and the Licensing Board of the S.D. James Evangelistic Association, Inc.  He has served on international forums for MTI (Ministers Training Institute) of the Maranatha Bible College. He has spoken in International Camp Meetings and the International Youth Congress of the above stated ministry and is an accomplished speaker in conventions and conferences. Nevertheless, his passion and greatest place is on the field without borders, under the gospel tent, moving among those who are without hope, bridging the gap for a lost generation.  He serves with the brotherhood of the Breastplate as Judah/Peter. He, along with his wife, is instrumental in organizing an annual retreat for men and women (along with others who aid in the process) which takes place in the month of November. They have written material relating to the growth and maturity of the believer that is presented at the annual retreat. He presently serves as Jurisdictional Prelate of the State of Georgia and Northeastern USA, as well as pastor of Open Door, EPC located in Atlanta, Georgia and The Temple of Refuge, EPC located in Albany, Georgia. Apostle Taylor has traveled extensively throughout the United States, the Caribbean, St. Kitts, Barbados, the US and British Virgin Islands, Israel, Germany, Turkey, St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles, England, Canada, South America, and all seven churches of Asia-Minor. He is President/CEO of Taylor’s Refuge Village, Inc. He is an individual after God’s heart who loves to sing God's praises.