Out of the six billion people living on the face of this earth, God has chosen His Body as His ambassadors, to this fallen Generation. Nevertheless, we are standing in the strait line flow of His Promises to bring the Election who are called unto His Grace, into the Kingdom of God. Therefore,this is a great time to be alive.
Nevertheless, we take this opportunity to say thanks for stopping by our web page we here at The Temple Of Refuge, would love to be that Divine connection between you and The Lord for the entrance into the Kingdom. We are here to open to you the path to new perspectives for your life in Christ and how it relates to your day to day issues.
However in today's life of changes and new norms, government down fall, social and economical uncertainties; nevertheless we here at TOR YET believe in the intervention of God for His people.

We here at TOR ARE A CHURCH ON THE MOVE, We have outreach for sick and shut-in, we also have a youth outreach, where we teach them life and spirit for their present, future, goal setting as well as a guiding them into a relationship with Christ Jesus! Sabbath school, every Saturday at 10:00 am each Saturday, we have women's purity class every month, family council, and many other needs that In rich the whole man.

So we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our services, weekly from our bible study, evangelistic services, and our Sunday services Sunday morning at 11:00 PM and night services at 6:30 PM. Come where our love embraces you when you walk in our doors.