TAP Center of Georgia

Who Are We

We are the helping hand in hardtimes!

The Apostle’s Pantry (TAP) Center of Georgia is a non-profit organization designed to support those in need by providing basic essential supplies and food in a ‘time of need.’ TAP is there when individuals have reached a point of having exhausted resources. TAP gives a helping hand by providing food packages and startup kits; providing generous donations after natural disasters. TAP provides opportunities for individuals to obtain volunteer hours. TAP ensures proceeds and donations received serve in the building and resource development of the organization to ensure we meet the demands and needs for community and abroad.

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What We Do

Simply Put... We Help!

Each year the Missionary Department raises supplies to create a Thanks Giving dinner for a family in need. These families express and exude their gratitude with smiling faces and hugs because “this year” they will have a dinner on Thanks Giving. The Temple of Refuge TAP Center would like to expand this act of kindness and help toward community. The TAP Center is interested in the ability to supply others in a time of need. We want to send supplies to communities suffering loss from natural disasters, families in their time of loss/need, unexpected emergency family relocates. This is only the beginning. TAP will store for the expected hardships, always having available supplies for others in their times of need. Together we can help build community one family at a time. Every hand is important in the chain of giving.

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"The TAP center of Georgia will empower the community one donation at a time. Sometimes a helping hand is needed. This is the first push that gets an individual started on their feet again. This start will require the community to come together and invest in the future of others."
~ Dir. Pennica Irvin

Pennica Irvin

TAP Center of Georgia Director

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